BIM & Robotic Total Station

BIM & Robotic Total StationThe QuestCom Group, Inc. implements Building Information Modeling Technology (BIM) to deliver a highly accurate and complete design solutions to our clients. BIM is a building design methodology which creates a digital representation of the building, structure, or system that gives architects, engineers, contractors, and owners a clear overall vision of the project. By utilizing Autodesk Revit software the designers at QuestCom are able to produce a three dimensional design that can be seamlessly integrated into an central model for coordination, clash detection, and review. This design delivery system allows QuestCom the ability to better coordinate among the disciplines, ultimately saving valuable time and money.

In conjunction with their BIM capabilities The QuestCom Group, Inc. utilizes the Sokkia SX-Series Robotic Total Stations to ensure precise installation of all conduit, panels, and devices and the generation of extremely accurate as-built documentation. Utilizing Autodesk Point Layout software which retrieves information from the virtual model created, the Total Station allows our field installation crews the ability to layout and install items precisely as they are shown within their model and construction documents. This technology allows The QuestCom Group the ability to handle even the most complex and space sensitive projects. Upon installation the Total Station allows our field crews the ability to document any field deviations from the design and enables The QuestCom Group to produce a set of as-built drawings that truly document the final installed product.

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